Liberty Falls Checklist
Last Updated 15 January 2009 (Pieces from 2007 added)

The following list was mostly compiled by "Diane/Nawlins" -- many thanks to her from all of us who collect Liberty Falls! We have added some information and made a few small corrections. If anyone finds any errors or has any additional items to add, please send us a message at

HaveAH #ItemIssueSet
AH00 Clara's Bakery (club membership-revised)1995
AH00-AClara's Bakery (revised)2007
AH01 Liberty Falls Train Station (later revised as AH21)1991
AH01LE Liberty Falls Train Station, Limited Edition, Anniversary 2001
AH01-ALiberty Falls Train Station (revised)2007
AH02 Duffy's Mill (later revised as AH23)1991
AH02LE Duffy's Mill, Limited Edition, Anniversary 2001
AH02-ADuffy's Mill (revised)2007
AH03 Tully's General Store (later revised as AH22)1991
AH03LE Tully's General Store, Limited Edition, Anniversary 2001
AH03-ATully's General Store (revised)2007
AH04 Blue Whale Tavern1991
AH04LE Blue Whale Tavern, Limited Edition, Anniversary 2001
AH04-ABlue Whale Tavern (revised)2007
AH05 First Prairie Church (later revised as AH17)1991
AH05LE First Prarie Church, Limited Edition, Anniversary 2001
AH05-AFirst Prairie Church and School (revised)2007
AH06 Greller's Pharmacy (later revised as AH27 in 1993 and again in 1994)
AH06LE Greller's Pharmacy, Limited Edition, Anniversary 2001
AH07 Mayor Johnson's Home (later revised as AH69)1991B
AH08 Pewter 8 pc figurine set (same pcs as AH09)1991
AH09 Pewter 8 pc figurine set (same pcs as AH08)1991
AH10 Liberty Falls Fire Station (later reissued as AH72)1992
AH11 Clemens School (later revised as AH63)1992
AH12 Clark, DuBois Bank & Mint (later revised as AH65)1992
AH13 Stubbs Blacksmith (later revised as AH64)1992
AH14 DuBois Mansion (later revised as AH67)1992
AH15 Marshal's Office (later revised as AH66)1992
AH16 Pony Express Station (later revised as AH68)1992
AH17 First Prairie Church (revised version of AH05. later reissued as AH46)1992
AH18 Fire Engine 5 pc pewter set1992
AH19 Pony Express 5 pc pewter set1992
AH19C Pony Express 5 pc painted pewter set1998A
AH20 First Congregational Church (later reissued as AH291992
AH21 Liberty Falls Train Station (revised version of AH01)1993
AH22 Tully's General Store (revised version of AH03)1993
AH23 Duffy's Mill (revised version of AH02)1993
AH24 Mrs. Applegate's Boardinghouse1993
AH25 Gold King Mines1993
AH26 Liberty Falls Opera House1993
AH27 Greller's Pharmacy (1st major revision of AH06)1993
AH27 Greller's Pharmacy (2nd minor revision of AH06)1994
AH28 Gold Nugget Tavern1993
AH29 First Congregational Church (reissue of AH20)1993
AH30 Train 5 pc pewter set1993
AH31 6 pc pewter figurine set1993
AH32 Americana wooden shelf1994
AH33 Daily News Office & Plant (later revised as AH43)1993
AH34 Liberty Falls Courthouse (later revised as AH39)1993
AH35 Ross Bros. Clothiers (later revised as AH81)1993
AH36 Cox's Furniture & Undertakers (later revised as AH38)1993
AH37 Dr. Stevens Home & Office1993
AH38 Cox Furniture/Undertakers (revised version of AH36)1994
AH39 Liberty Falls Courthouse (revised version of AH34)1994
AH40 Clark Mansion1994
AH41 Clara's Bakery (Original Club)1993
AH41 Swanson's Feed1994
AH42 Wooden Nickel Inn1994
AH43 Americana wooden shelf 1993
AH43 Daily News Office & Plant (revised version of AH33)1994
AH44 Old Homestead Restaurant1994
AH45 Train 5 pc pewter set1993
AH45 Rev. Watkins House1994
AH46 First Prairie Church (reissue of AH17, later re-reissued as AH70)1994
AH47 Dr's Carriage 5 pc pewter set1994
AH48 Stagecoach 5 pc pewter set1994
AH49 6 Evergreen trees1994
AH50 Park Bench, sign & 4 lights accessory set1995
AH51 Horses, footbridge, 3 mailboxes accessory set1996
AH52 Hand Pump, Cow, 2 Benches, Flag Pole accessory set1997
AH53 City Hall (green brick - later revised as AH84)1994
AH54 Albert Buck Law Offices (later reissued as AH85)1994
AH55 Tully House (later reissued as AH87)1994
AH56 Land Surveyors & Assay Office (later reissued as AH83)1994
AH57 Ausberg's Brewery (later reissued as AH80)1994B
AH58 Library & Reading Room (later reissued as AH82)1994B
AH59 Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe (later revised as AH98)1994B
AH60 Muriel Phillips Piano School (later reissued as AH86)1994B
AH61 Gunsmith Shop (later revised as AH97)1994B
AH62 Liberty Falls Fire Station (reissue of AH10)1995
AH63 Clemens School (revised version of AH11)1995
AH64 Stubbs Blacksmith (revised version of AH13)1995
AH65 Clark, DuBois Bank & Mint (revised version of AH12)1995
AH66 Marshal's Office (revised version of AH15)1995
AH67 DuBois Mansion (revised version of AH14)1995
AH68 Pony Express Station (revised version of AH16)1995
AH69 Mayor Johnson's Home (revised version of AH07)1995
AH70 First Prairie Church (reissue of AH46)1995
AH71 Ausberg's 5 pc pewter set1995
AH72 Tully's Wagon 5 pc pewter set1995
AH72C Tully's Wagon 5 pc painted pewter set1998A
** AH73-74 Not used
AH75 "Life & Times of Liberty Falls" book 11994
AH76 "Life & Times of Liberty Falls" book 21998
** AH77-79 Not used
AH80 Ausberg's Brewery (reissue of AH57)1995
AH81 Ross Bros. Clothiers (revised version of AH35)1995
AH82 Library & Reading Room (reissue of AH58)1995
AH83 Land Surveyors & Assay Office (reissue of AH56)1995
AH84 City Hall (red brick - revised version of AH53)1995
AH85 Albert Buck Law Offices (reissue of AH54)1995
AH86 Muriel Phillips Piano School (reissue of AH60)1995
AH87 Tully House (reissue of AH55)1995
AH88 Trinity Church1995
AH89 Pacific & Mountain Telegraph Office1995
AH90 Port Clinton Jewelers & Opticians1995
AH91 Wilson Ranch House1995
AH92 Boots & Shoes Store1995B
AH93 Liberty Falls Laundry1995B
AH94 Lucky's Billiard Hall1995B
AH95 Pacific & Mt. Stagecoach Station1995B
AH96 Fannie's Ice Cream Parlor1995B
AH97 Gunsmith Shop (revised version of AH61)1995
AH98 Pipe & Tobacco Shoppe (revised version of AH59)1995
AH98 Population road sign (club gift)1994
AH99 Bandstand (1st club renewal)1994
AH100 Red Rudder Antiques1996A
AH101 Timberline Lumber1996A
AH102 Cluny & Cluny Real Estate Broker1996A
AH103 Howard's Hardware1996A
AH104 Bergman's Clock Shop1996A
AH105 Governor's Mansion1996A
AH106 Palace Dance Hall & Saloon1996A
AH107 Liberty Falls Post Office1996A
AH108 Pioneer's Church1996A
AH109 Timber wagon 5 pc pewter set1996
AH110 Pioneer wagon 5 pc pewter set1996
AH111 Liberty Falls Community Christmas Tree (free gift)1995
AH112 Liberty Falls Skating Pond (2nd club renewal)1995
AH112 Liberty Falls Middle School1996B
AH113 Alexander Mansion1996B
AH114 Frontier Card Parlor1996B
AH115 Emma's Family Restaurant1996B
AH116 Johnson Farmhouse1996B
AH117 Red Crown Barn1996
AH118 Liberty Falls Historical Society1996B
AH119 Friends Community Church1996B
AH120 New Year's Palace Dance Hall & Saloon (L.E.)1996B
AH121 (boxed with AH153) Wheelbarrow, spinning wheel, mule, boxes accessory set1998A
AH122 Canoe, Outhouse, Chicken, Horse and trough1999
AH123 "The Oldest Tree" (free gift)1999
** AH124 Not used
AH125 Liberty Falls Wishing Well (free gift)1996
AH126 Aunt Alice's Quilt Shop1997A
AH127 Susan's Hat Shop1997A
AH128 Handy Andy Malloy's House1997A
AH128 Handy Andy Malloy's House (larger box)1997A
AH129 Pastor George Kendall's Parsonage1997A
AH130 B. Cummings Signmake1997A
AH131 Berghoff Butcher Shop1997A
AH132 Ladies Temperance Society1997A
AH133 Trapper "Big Mike's" Cabin1997A
AH134 Church Of The Epiphany1997A
AH135 Bicycle pewter set 1997
AH136 Horseless carriage pewter set1997
AH137 Dr. Wilson's Dentist Office1997B
AH138 Carriage & Wagon Works 1997B
AH139 Ross Family House1997B
AH140 Owen Conkling's Books & Stationary1997B
AH141 Gold Mining Stock Exchange(w/Morgan Silver Dollar replica)1997B
AH142 Vedder House1997B
AH143 Prospector's Cabin1997B
AH144 St. Paul's United Church1997B
AH145 (boxed with AH126) Farmer Wilson's Windmill (free)1997A
AH145 (boxed with AH137) Farmer Wilson's Windmill (free)1997B
AH146 Swimming Hole1998Spring
AH147 Liberty Falls Scenic Overlook1998Spring
AH148 Perfect Day for a Picnic1998Spring
AH149 Circus Big Top1998Spring
AH150 General Miles Memorial Park1998Spring
AH151 The Wedding Portrait1998Spring
AH152 Artist Annabelle Phillips Home1998
AH153 J.P. Boone's Home1998
AH154 Dearly's Grocery Store1998
AH155 Miller Family Shingle Home1998
AH156 Dawson's Livery (with fool's gold)1998
AH157 Rev. Muir's Cottage1998
AH158 Liberty Falls Secondary School1998
AH159 Ida Penny Seamtress1998
AH160 Mountainview Church1998
Dillards 1998 Collection (two pieces in one box):
AH152 boxed with AH173 and AH1611998A/Dillards
AH153 boxed with AH1211998A/Dillards
AH154 boxed with AH19C (Dillards' Exclusive Pewter Set)1998A/Dillards
AH155 boxed with AH1621998A/Dillards
AH156 & Fools Gold boxed with AH72C (Dillards' Exclusive Pewter Set)1998A/Dillards
AH157 boxed with Life & Times of Liberty Falls Book 21998A/Dillards
AH158 boxed with AH511998A/Dillards
AH159 boxed with AH1601998A/Dillards
AH161 (boxed with AH152) Plow painted pewter set1998
AH162 (boxed with AH155) Mail coach painted pewter set1998
AH163 Goldman's Home1998B
AH164 Liberty Falls Hot Springs1998B
AH165 White's Wheel Co1998B
AH166 Wellborne Estate & Garden Club1998B
AH167 Billy's Atwell's Homestead (with fool's gold)1998B
AH168 Silver Spoon Silversmith Shop1998B
AH169 Bergman's Residence1998B
AH170 Church of the Holy Redeemer1998B
** AH171 Not used
AH172 Circus Parade ($17 promo) 1998Spring
AH173 Liberty Falls Water Tower (free gift)1998
AH174 Rodeo- Spring1999
AH175 Panning for gold1999Spring
AH176 Side Show tent1999Spring
AH177 Baseball Park1999 Spring
AH178 Rosie's Flower Shop bonus "The Oldest Tree"1999
AH179 Sinclair Hotel1999
AH180 Orinthologist's House1999
AH181 Henshaw House1999
AH182 Hillside Farm bonus mining share certificate1999
AH183 Riverside Lodge1999
AH184 Winthrop's Carpet Mill1999
AH185 Civil War Veteran's Home1999
AH186 Liberty Church1999
AH187 Dr. Sandy Veterinarian1999B
AH188 Sally's Dancing School1999B
AH189 Hook Family Farm1999B
AH190 McKee Photgraphy1999B
AH191 Purdy Dairy Farm1999B
AH192 Stern House1999B
AH193 General Miles Home1999B
AH194 Forest Glen Church1999B
AH195 Winthrop wagon pewter set1999
AH196 Tractor pewter set1999
**AH197 Not used
**AH198 Not used
AH199 Rosie Flower Cart pewter set1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 1A Ornithologist House/with Oldest Tree1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 1B Dove Cote1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 2A Sinclair Hotel1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 2B Sinclair Carriage House1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 3A Rosie's Flower Shop1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 3B Rosie's Green House1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 4A Henshaw House1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 4B Henshaw Mother-in-law Cottage1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 5A Civil War Veterans' Home1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 5B Veteran's Monument1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 6A Riverside Lodge1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 6B Riverside Bathhouse1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 7A Winthrop's Carpet Mill 1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 7B Winthrop's Warehouse1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 8A Hillside Farm 1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 8B Hillside Cow Barn1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 9A Liberty Church 1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE 9B Liberty Church Social Hall1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE10A Gadiel House 1999 A/Dillards exclusive
HSE10B Gadiel Studio1999 A/Dillards exclusive
AH200 The Hayride 2000Spring
AH201 Pie Eating Contest 2000Spring
AH202 The Square Dance 2000Spring
AH203 Livestock Judging 2000Spring
AH204 Liberty Falls Art Museum (with The Stone Bridge)2000
AH204b LF Garden
AH205 Jeremiah Sobel's Home 2000
AH205b Jeremiah Sobel's Carriage House 2001
AH206 Joss's Barber Shop 2000
AH206b LF Smokehouse 2000
AH207 Sports and Apothecary Shop 2000
AH208 Liberty Falls Theatre (with Snow)2000
AH208b Sinclair Carriage House 2001
AH209 Sinclair Home 2000
AH209b Windmill - with path and 2 trees 2000
AH210 Murray's Grist Mill 2000
AH210b Murray's Grist Mill Storage 2001
AH211 Mayor Griffin's Home 2000
AH211b Garden Gazebo 2001
AH212 First Lakeview Church 2000
AH212b Church Social Hall (Goes with AH235 1st Evangelical Church)2001
AH221 Accessories (3 Trees) 2000
AH222 Clock Tower/Civic Center ($10 promo w/working clock)1995
AH222p Pewter Set (Figures & horse-drawn cart) 2000
AH223 Pewter Set (Gardeners & wheelbarrow) 2000
AH224 Accessories (Pigs, Cows, Chickens) 2000
AH225 Accessories (Fences) 2000
AH226 The Stone Bridge (Free gift with week 1) 2000
AH227 Haunted House 2001
AH227 Haunted House/The Pumpkin Patch in one box 2001
AH227b Haunted Cemetery 2001
AH227c Pumpkin Patch 2001
AH228 The Price House 2001
AH229 Mountain Nugget Gambling Hall 2001
AH230 The New Clara's Bakery 2001
AH231 Coach & Wagon Works 2001
AH231 Coach & Wagon Works with LF Magnet 2001
AH232 Vaudeville Music Hall 2001
AH233 First Bank of Liberty Falls 2001
AH234 Palm Reader's Cottage 2001
AH235 First Evangelical Church 2001
AH236 Pewter Set - Fortune Teller, Amy Dubois, David & Ellen Miller, Mrs. Hastings. 2001
AH237 Pewter Set Mr & Mrs. Price w/Carriage, Jeremiah & Beverly bel, Gil Griswold, Mrs. Henshaw 2001
AH238 Accessory Set - Robins Feeding, Gas Light Post, Dog Lying on grass, Cat & kitten in basket, horse trough 2001
AH239 Liberty Falls Roller Rink - Incentive piece 2001
AH240 Barn Raising 2001Summer
AH241 Log Roller's Rodeo 2001Summer
AH242 The 18th Hole 2001Summer
AH243 Farmer's Market 2001Summer
AH244 Pet Parade - 2001 Premium item2001
AH245 Starlight Fountain (Charity Piece) 2001
** AH246 Not yet assigned
AH246b The Price Wash House 2001
AH247 Pewter Set (Dillard Exclusive) Mr. & Mrs. Price w/carriage, Ellen Miller, Gil Griswold, Lady Olivia The Fortune Teller, Mrs. Hastings, and 3 resin trees 2001
AH247b Gil Griswold's Workshop 2001
** AH248 Not used
** AH249 Not used
AH250 Liberty Falls Train Station 2001Roamans
AH251 The Taylor Home 2001Roamans
AH252 McGruder's Market 2001Roamans
** AH253 Not used
AH254 Bessie's Bed and Breakfast 2001Roamans
AH255 Edwards Mill 2001Roamans
AH256 New Hope Church 2001Roamans
AH260 Jeremiah Sobel Carriage House/Murray's Grist Mill Storage - two items in one box 2001
AH261 Fire Engine House #2 2002
AH261 Fire Engine House #2/LF Newsstand - 2 pc 1 box 2002
AH261b Engine House #2, Carriage House 2002
AH261cDog Kennel2003
AH262 Martin-Johnson Conservatory 2002
AH262b Conservatory Potting House 2002
AH263 The Peters' Residence 2002
AH263b The Peters' Tree House 2002
AH264 The Pottery Shop 2002
AH264a Pottery Kiln 2002
AH265 LF Beauty Shop 2002
AH265b (Red Box)Children's Tea Party2003
AH266 The Cummings House 2002
AH267 Mountain Title Insurance 2002
AH267b Liberty Falls Newsstand 2002
AH268 Liberty Falls Fishery 2002
AH268b The Ice House 2002
AH269 Liberty Falls Episcopal Church 2002
AH270 Maple Syrup Cooking Pot Accessory Set, 2002
AH271 Painted Fire Engine Accessory Set 2002
AH272 Three Maple Trees Accessory Set 2002
AH273 Maypole - Promo Item 2002
AH276 The Children's Garden, 9th Club Renewal
AH279 Dillard's Exclusive Pewter ,Maple Tree, Cooking Pot, etc. 2002
AH280 (Blue Box)Stevens Memorial Hospital2003
AH281 (Red Box)The Duckfield Residence2003
AH282 (Green Box)The Constance Adams Home2003
AH283 (Blue Box)Starkey's Lumber Mill2003
AH283b (Green Box)The Ice Cream Social2003
AH284 (Green Box)Waterfall Vineyards2003
AH285 (Blue Box)The Schreiber Home2003
AH285b (Blue Box)The Children's Vegetable Garden2003
AH286 (Green Box)Blarney Stone Tavern2003
AH287 (Red Box)Duckfield's & Co.2003
AH288 (Red Box)Colorado Mission Church2003
AH29210 pc pewter set: 4th of July Marching Band (4 pcs), Mrs. Mike Price and Little Maisie, the Pump Organ, Jonathan Price, and Trees (3 pcs)2003
AH294 Quilting Bee2003
AH296 Petting Zoo, Spring/Summer Premium gift 2000Spring
** AH297 Not used
** AH298 Not used
** AH299 Not used
AH300 Liberty Falls Playground (3rd club renewal)1996
** AH301 Not used
** AH302 Not used
AH333 Liberty Falls Bell Tower ($12 promo-musical)1996
** AH334 - 399 Not used
AH400 Sledding Party (4th club renewal)1997
AH400The Langefeld House2007Blue Box
AH401The Post and Telegraph Office2007Blue Box
AH402Miss Emma's Cottage2007Blue Box
AH403Fire Station #12007Red Box
AH404Oliver's Cabin2007Red Box
AH405Ed's Bowling Saloon2007Red Box
AH444 Liberty Falls Carousel ($15 promo-musical)1997
** AH445 - 499 Not used
AH500 Covered bridge (5th club renewal)1998
** AH501 - 554 Not used
AH555 Liberty Falls Airship ($17 promo-musical)1998
** AH556 - 599 Not used
AH600 Ski Lodge (replaces Clara's Bakery membership) 1999
** AH601 - 699 Not used
AH700 Ralph Gadiel Memorial House (Proceeds to Cancer Society)1999
** AH701 - 706 Not used
AH707 Lemonade Stand ($17 premium) 1999Spring
** AH708 - 776 Not used
AH777 Ferris Wheel ($18 premium -musical)1999
** AH778 - 799 Not used
AH800 LF's Apple Orchard (6th club renewal)1999
** AH801 - 899 Not used
AH900 Dr. Pickwick's Medicine Wagon (7th Club Renewal)
** AH901 - 949 Not Used
AH950 Croquet Game (8th Club renewal) 2001
** AH951 - 989 Not used
AH990 LF Childrens Hospital (Proceeds to Cancer Society)2000
** AH991 - 996 Not used
** AH998 Not used
AH997 Cherrywood Wall Rack 2000
AH999 LF Roller Coaster, 2000 Premium, Item Musical2000
AH The Maypole, 2002 Premium, Musical2002
Clara's Bakery Cookbook1995
CB02 Mrs. Applegate's Cookbook1995
L01 6 pc ornament set1996
L02 6 pc ornament set1996
LO3 6 pc ornament set1997
LO4 6 pc ornament set1997
LH01 Liberty Falls Fire Station large lighted house1997
LH02 Tully House large lighted house1997
LH03 Gold Nugget Tavern large lighted house1997
LH04 Clark Mansion large lighted house1997
LH05 Mrs. Applegate's large lighted house1997
LH06 1st Prairie Church large lighted house1997
LT00 Residential Layout1999
LT01 Commercial Layout1999
CJ01 Clara's Bakery Cookie Jar
AH293Liberty Falls Express (Pewter train engine and cars)2003
Clark,DuBois Bank and Mint$1 note ($5 value @ Grapevine convention) 1995
Liberty Falls Fieldcrest Throw-Design 11995
Liberty Falls Fieldcrest Throw-Design 21996
Liberty Falls Fieldcrest Throw-Design 31997
Liberty Falls Fieldcrest Treeskirt1996
Liberty Falls Fieldcrest Treeksirt1996
Liberty Falls Pillow, square1997
Liberty Falls Pillow, oblong1997
Liberty Falls Cookie Tin1995
Liberty Falls T-Shirt (@convention)1995
Liberty Falls Sweatshirt (@convention)1995
Liberty Falls Camera (@convention)1995
Liberty Falls Calendar (club gift)1995
Gazette Binder1995
Morgan Silver Dollar Reproduction (99% Silver)
Liberty Falls Keychain (@club meetings)1999
Liberty Falls Pen (@club meetings)1999
CA00 Liberty Falls Calendar 2000 1999
Water Fall 2000
Water/Snow Globe 2000
Blueprint - Jeremiah Sobel's Home 2000
Blueprint - Mayor Griffin's Home 2000
Bag of Snow - Year 2000 Collection
Large "Button" Pin - (Collector's Fest, Chicago) 2001
01 Clara's Bakery Cookie Jar, 2002
Liberty Falls Magnet (2001) Bonus item in box with AH231 Carriage and Wagon Works sold by Carson Pirie Scott stores Only
01 Dishes - set of four place settings. 2002

*NOTE: The dates listed are the year they were sold or first given out, not the copyright date on the box.

AH=Americana House