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Liberty Falls & Model Railroading

Can I use Liberty Falls in my N-Scale Railroad setup?

The Liberty Falls Collection wasn't originally intended to be used with model railroads (as far as I know, anyway :), and not all of the buildings are even exactly the same scale, but by and large the scale seems to be about 1:160, which is close to railroad enthusiasts' N-Scale. And most Liberty Falls pieces are a lot less expensive.

The following photo was sent to me by one of my customers. The yellow building in the middle is an N-Scale building from a hobby store that cost $20.00. The buildings on either side are the Liberty Falls Sinclair Hotel and Civil War Veterans Home, available from my main store page for $5.00 and $3.00, respectively:

Liberty Falls next to N-Scale

Whether or not Liberty Falls pieces have a place in your railroad setup is something for you to decide, but these are comments from some of my other customers:

I do not know why N gauge modelers have not picked up on [Liberty Falls] but if they ever do, the price may go up. You should place these on eBay in the N gauge train section, who knows? I see them on eBay but the shipping charge is way too much. - R.M.

I used them on my N gauge train layout, they are almost same size as N gauge scale buildings and much cheaper. - R.M.

I stumbled upon these and thought they might work with my N scale model trains, they work great. I would like to build a whole city around the trains using these. - T.W.

That was more than kind of you to include additional lamp posts. You're right, you can never have too many. I am setting up a little Liberty Falls village incorporating N Scale train figures. I'm having a lot of fun. - D.N.

How about my Z-Scale Railroad setup?

The Liberty Falls ornament sets (L01, L02, L03, and L04) contain buildings that are about an inch tall, and have been found to be the perfect size by enthusiasts of Z-Scale railroading. Each box of ornaments contains six different buildings.