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New Liberty Falls for 2007!

Exciting news for Liberty Falls collectors!!!

For the first time since 2003, there are brand new Liberty Falls pieces in stores!

Yes, it's true. Larry Stern, the owner of the Liberty Falls brand, has apparently resurrected Liberty Falls. The company is listed on the box as Dustal, Inc. rather than International Resources, but everything else about them is the same, right down to the little stories printed on the sides.

There are three sets of "new" pieces -- I put "new" in quotes because one of the sets is actually a reissue of AH00 through AH05, the six very first Liberty Falls pieces, including the Club membership AH00, Clara's Bakery. The early Liberty Falls pieces weren't manufactured or painted with the same degree of care as the later pieces, so this might be an attempt to rememdy that by reissuing them.

That said, the quality of these new pieces might not be quite up to the level as we saw in the last years leading up to 2003. However, it's better than the early pieces.

The new pieces are only in Dillards department stores, but if you don't have a Dillards near you, you can get the the two new sets (but not the reissue set, yet) and see pictures on the Dillards Web site. To order online, go to and type "Liberty Falls" in the search box, or call 800.DILLARDS (800.345.5273).

These are the "new" pieces -- as I said, they are available in three boxed sets:

The BLUE boxed set contains three new pieces and costs $18.00:

The RED boxed set also has three new pieces and also costs $18.00:

The boxed set that contains six pieces, and costs $34.99, contains the reissues of the original six pieces:

These aren't exactly the same as the originals -- some small details have been added or changed, and the quality is quite a lot better -- so you'll have to decide for yourself if you want to add them to your collection.

This is just my observation, but each of the three-piece sets contains two completely new buildings, plus one that isn't a reissue of, but does replace piece(s) from earlier in the collection: The Blue Box contains a combination Post Office and Telegraph Office. The Liberty Falls Collection of course already has the P&M Telegraph Office and a stately Post Office. The new, combined piece seems to reflect an earlier time in Liberty Falls's history. And the Red Box contains a large red brick Fire Station #1. AH10, AH62, and AH261 are all fire stations from earlier in the collection, but this new one is completely different.

There are no stickers in the box for bonus pieces, and no invitation to join a collectors club, so I guess Mr. Stern isn't going to offer those features at this time. And I don't know if there will be Liberty Falls pieces again next year or not. But let's be happy that we at least have new Liberty Falls pieces for this year!