What My Customers Say

I am committed to providing the highest level of customer service and the best quality products on the Internet. I take pride in what I do. These are what some of my customers have said:

Fantastic. My wife loves your collection and I feel you provide fabulous service.

T.O. - 12/20/2011

I've brought from you in the past and was EXTREMELY happy with everything!

J.R. - 12/14/2011

Received them yesterday. Very impressed again. Thank you so much for wrapping them so well. Wish others did as good of job!

J.J. - 03/29/2009

Judi, You are just the best!

M.M. - 02/14/2009

Everything Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K. - 02/12/2009

Hi Judi,

I just wanted to let you know that the box arrived today in perfect shape. These really are very nice pieces. It's too bad that they stopped making the Liberty Falls houses... they kept getting nicer and more detailed every year.

I really appreciate the care you put into packing the pieces so they arrive safely. You have an excellent selection of Liberty Falls, and I know I can trust that your inventory really is just as you describe on your website. You can count on seeing more business from me in the future. Thanks again!

T.S. - 10/04/2007

Hello Judi,

Received your shipment, and everything is great. I am setting up a little Liberty Falls village incorporating N Scale train figures.

Thank you for your wonderful service, I'm glad I found you. It's nice just to get the items I want without incorporating a lot of duplicates as happens with lots on eBay.

D.N. - 07/09/2007

Aloha! All items arrived today... in perfect condition... thanks to your expert packaging! I really appreciate the care you took so the items would arrive safely. I hope to buy from you again soon. Your items were packed as if they are like you would like to receive them.

Lucy - 01/30/2007

I love your website. I've never seen such a comprehensive list of the great houses and accessories for Liberty Falls, complete with items that I haven't seen anywhere else. They are such wonderful pieces.

S.E. - 07/10/2006

I am very happy with my LIberty Falls collection, thanks to you Judi. Thank you for everything.

L.M. - 05/31/2006

Every piece was perfect and you must have spent a lot of time packing and shipping.

D.M. - 02/09/2006

I wish I had known [about Cruizn4Sailz] before Christmas. I could have saved money as well as been assured of the quality I was getting. I got several broken pieces [from other sources], but sadly that is the chance you take with some sellers.

T.M. - 01/14/2006

I received my package today and I loved it. Thanks so much for the care in packaging.

J.W. - 12/20/2005

I love your site.

D.M. - 12/13/2005

Thank you so much!!!! You've been great to work with!

R.S. - 12/12/2005

Thank you for such great service!!!

D.W. - 12/09/2005

I received my package today all safe and sound. I haven't ever seen such a fine packaging job in my whole life. I mean FINE!! You deserve a big pat on the back.

K.W. - 11/07/2005

Dear Judi -- The Liberty Falls piece arrived on Monday, and I am so very pleased. It is just as I had anticipated, and thank you for offering it.

M.N. - 11/02/2005